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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow in Post-Secondary Education

Dealing with the challenges of today requires problem-solvers who bring different perspectives and are willing to take risks. The Texas Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support professionals in the diversity and inclusion community, and a desire for actions to speak louder than words. We’re an organization driven by progressive ideas, bold actions, and a strong foundation of support.

The need for diversity officers is increasing at colleges and universities throughout the nation. To support these professionals, organizations such as the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education advocate for best practices and policies as they relate to inclusion and compliance on college campuses. And after nearly  5 years, the Texas Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (TADOHE) is  in revival with new leadership following its first meeting which was held in late June at the University of Houston-Downtown.

Our Purpose:

TADOHE is exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes, more specifically to provide resources and support for Texas colleges and university leaders who want to pursue institutional diversity-related policies, goals, and/or strategies regarding students, faculty, staff and/or administrators in accordance with the mission of the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (NADOHE).


Working Towards a Brighter Future

Dear Members and Colleagues,

I want to extend my sincerest gratitude for entrusting me with the privilege to serve as your TADOHE Chair for 2019-2020. It is an honorable yet humbling opportunity to lead the charge of galvanizing our efforts to revitalize, rebuild, and grow our organization.  I truly believe that TADOHE is an essential network of support for our work as diversity officers and professionals, especially during this season of our calling.  We are indeed working and living in interesting times, facing the unique challenge of doing diversity and inclusion work within a political climate that calls into question the necessity of our work while simultaneously making it quite evident that the work has more import than we could have ever imagined.  However, times like these also present us with exciting opportunities for creativity, growth and advancement!

During my tenure as Chair of TADOHE growth and advancement will be our focus.  We will concentrate our efforts on growing our TADOHE membership, inclusive of both professional and institutional affiliations.  We will establish measurable objectives and commit to a succession plan to help ensure the perpetuity of our organization.  Additionally, we will promote the standards of our national organization (NADOHE) through collaborative professional development opportunities and strategic communication with Texas institutions as well as our members.

I want to give a special thanks to President Juan Munoz of University of Houston Downtown for hosting our summer meeting and to Dr. Jobi Martinez for coordinating that meeting.  Our summer meeting set a high standard and established an important cornerstone upon which we are continuing to build. 

I’m therefore excited about our upcoming fall meeting, which will be held November 14-15.  Our welcome reception will be hosted by University of Texas at Austin and our chapter meeting will be co-hosted by Concordia University and Texas State University.  During our fall chapter meeting I will be sharing detailed information about our organizational goals and objectives as well as ways for you to get involved.  I will also share some exiting news about a major professional development opportunity on which several of our Board members have been working.  I hope you will be as excited about this program, as I am. 

Lastly, I want you to know I am truly looking forward to networking together and continuing to build upon the friendships we have been establishing since our summer meeting.  Those networks and relationships enrich the experience of our collective efforts as diversity officers.  I ask that you pledge with me to make this year one of growth and stability for TADOHE.  I am gratified to be leading us in this exciting, challenging, rewarding endeavor and ask that you come along with me to revitalize, rebuild and grow our Texas Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education.  I look forward to seeing you in November.

With best regards,

Sherri H. Benn, Ph.D.

Chair, Texas Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education



Collaborative & Innovative





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Get Involved

Teamwork and outreach are at the core of our strategy. We invest heavily in supporting the development of integrated solutions and delivering measurable outcomes to college campuses and higher education leaders that need them most. Discover more about our innovative teams below and get in touch to stay up to date regarding our latest efforts.


The communications committee is responsible for developing, updating, monitoring and oversight of communications activities, maintaining membership distribution lists, overseeing electronic discussion groups, as well as recommending means by which the TADOHE Board communicates with its members and other interested parties through various media sources.


The Professional Development Committee oversees the coordination of speakers, program content and strategic updates for all state meetings, workshops, and conferences. Our members' continued development is one of our key areas of focus here at the Texas Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education. Get in touch with us today and see how you can lend a helping hand with our program development.


The finance committee is responsible for the development and recommendation of a framework for membership dues, ensuring the organization is financially viable and meeting its fiduciary and compliance responsibilities.  It oversees development of the budget, ensures accurate tracking, monitoring, and accountability for funds, and reviews associated terms within any external grants.


The Membership & Connections Committee develops recruitment strategies to advance the expansion of growth of TADOHE through membership and institutional affiliations.  The committee develops new member packets for electronic distribution to new members and provides a general orientation to TADOHE for new members.  Additionally, the committee represents the organization to the community; enhances the organization's image, including communications with the press.


The marketing & social media committee develops strategies to positively promote TADOHE events, programs, and the overall identity of the organization through various mediums including social networking accounts.  The committee implements social media strategies to promote the value of TADOHE membership and to support the promotional efforts of all TADOHE activities in collaboration with the Marketing Committee. Due to the nature of social media, the strategies must maintain a professional positive reflection upon TADOHE and its members.

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